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Last Updated On March 31, 2018
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I’m having trouble using my hp z420 workstation with my evga 500b psu. I get no lights no power on NADA! I’m using a psu adapter for z420 workstations a 24 to 18 pin. I hear people have issues with hp z400 workstations and standard atx PSUs. is this the same issue with my hp z420? what am I doing wrong? fyi I’m trying to run a e5-2650 v1 cpu !
solution: First thing is to check out the power supply separate from the board. Short out the pins to get it to switch on and check the voltages. If they are right then you need to fully check that you have a compatible PSU.…Read this and note that the board seems to want its “own” PSU for instance the comment  “pin9 lets the system know what wattage power supply is installed.” At Power on motherboards check that they are happy before they tell the PSU to fully power up and this might be your situation.