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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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Hi there, so far I’ve had great success with mint on various pieces of hardware i’ve installed it on. I typically try it out via my USB key first then if it all looks good i wipe the system and install mint via the installer. I have one system where when I boot it, after about 30 seconds, the system just reboots during the mint start up process (Doesn’t make it as far as the GUI) The system is an XW8600, newer system ( less than a year old) and has newer hardware in it. I’ve not tried other distros yet on this system to see if it is mint specific yet. Compatibility mode also fails but at least I can (kind of) see where its failing. The last message I saw was about USB Video and that is all I saw before it booted. Any thoughts on where to get startup logs or other ways to troubleshoot this?
solution: I t would be helpful to have some info on the hardware, but if you can’t boot Linux you can’t run lspci. Is there any method to gather a list of the hardware? If you only use a live system no logs are saved If you have the problem in an installed system and can boot the live CD/pendrive you can find the logs in /var/log and you can run lspci  You can copy the result into a file and save on the hard drive (be careful to save on the hdd not in the virtual disk of the live system) If you see something about video you might want to look at Xorg.0.log But USB Video? Such a beast exists though.