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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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  I stuck the I350-T2 in there the server wouldn’t even boot and all I got was an ominous beeping alarm. As soon as I took it out, it worked fine. But since I paid close to $150 for a NIC with native esxi drivers, I was on the verge of violence. It took over four months of scrimping and saving to pay for my home lab. I had 24 GB installed, 2 X 4 and 2 X 8. I took the 4 GB cards out and it worked just fine. Half an hour later I had esxi installed. Thank God I cheaped out and didn’t go the full 32. Now I’m just praying that it won’t crawl slower than evolution with only 16 GBs.

solution-Good to hear that you had partial success. However I suggest that you open support ticket with Lenovo since I350-T2 and T4 are supported NICs. It should be working with full 32GB as well …
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