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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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IBM X3650 M2 servers?

that we were configuring to have access to one of our SANs. When working on the first of these servers the Operating System installed without an issue but as soon as the LUNs were attached the server would not longer boot to the local drives.

solution-Start by rebooting the system and when you see the prompt to hit F1, you hit the F1 key which takes you to the System Configuration and Boot Management screen. Boot Manager should be an option on the left side, approximately the fifth entry. Use your cursor keys to highlight it and hit the Enter key which should take you to the Boot Manager screen. Highlight the Add Boot Option entry, around the first entry, and hit Enter. Scroll down until you highlight Legacy Only and hit enter. Once you do that, the changes should require you to commit the changes. Commit the changes.Go back to the Boot Manager screen. You should see an option to Change Boot Order. Highlight that and hit the Enter key.On that screen, you should see your Legacy Only as the last option. Highlight it and hit Enter. Use your cursor key to move that above Hard Disk 0. Make sure that you hit the Commit key after you complete the move.Bring the system down, connect your fibre cables, and reboot. This change should allow the system to boot to the local drives instead of the SAN.
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