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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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.System x servers configured with multiple disk volumes using GUID Partition Table (GPT) may see a following error logged in the IBM Integrated Management Module II (IMM2) controller interface:Warning: Sensor GPT Status has transitioned from normal to non-critical state.When the ‘more’ button is selected, the following message will appear: Additional Information for Event: Backup GPT corruption detected. DiskGUID  [/box]

solution-The following message will also appear during bootup.This issue is fixed in IBM 6 Gb SAS HBA controller firmware version 1.18.01.This issue will be fixed in an upcoming version of the N2200 Series SAS/SATA HBA firmware. This firmware will be available fourth quarter 2015.The new firmware is now available and can be downloaded from the following web site: . Users can simply ignore the messages in the IMM logs.Additional Information- This is not a data loss or data integrity issue. The SAS firmware is passing a lastblock command incorrectly to the Integrated Mnagement Module II(IMM2). Instead of passing the correct Logical Block Address (LBA), it is instead always passing the LastBlock LBA for the first Logical Unit Number (LUN).


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