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Last Updated On May 08, 2018
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HPE PROLIANT ML110 G7 Server ?

   came pre-installed with 2 x 2gb Samsung DDR3 ECC memory.Went ahead and added 2 X 4gb Kingston DDR3 ECC memory and the system only still detects the original 4gb. Although in Windows Server 2011 it says in System Info that there is a total of 12gb of memory but only 4gb usable…..I dont understand why this is happeing and there is no setting anywhere in the bios to determine the amount of usable memory. Anybody else come across this? Server model is : ML110 G7 E3-1240 HP SATA AUS Svr ,running Windows Server SBS 2011 .

solution-In regards to this problem, turned out to be the wrong type of memory.You must use ECC Unbuffered DDR3 memory for this to work in the HP server. ECC buffered/Registered Memory does NOT work
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