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Last Updated On May 04, 2018
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I’ve got a z800 that’s off warranty and producing a beep error as soon as it is plugged into the outlet. No indicator lights, not a standard POST error beep. Just a steady beeping sound that continues for roughly 10 seconds after the power is disconnected. I removed the power supply and plugged it into the outlet on its own. The fans spin up and the indicator light powers on so I’m fairly certain the issue isn’t there. Before I spend the cash on a refurb system board, I figured I’d ask here and see if anyone has encountered this before. 
solution: The Z800 power supply has 3 blind mate connectors, that plug into 3 connectors and cable assemblies in the chassis.  Pull out the Z800 power supply, and look at the 3 white connectors in the chassis.  Each of these 3 chassis connectors have 2 support pins each to hold the connectors in the chassis cutouts.  Check if these pins were damaged, and if the connectors were pushed out partially.  If the chassis connectors were pushed out,  it is possible the power supply is making intermittent contact with the chassis connectors/cables.

You removed the power supply and plugged it into the outlet on its own.  If the green light comes on, the supply is good (as you said below).

Sometimes, if the power cord is pulled out of the system quickly (or swtiched off from a opwer strip) after the system is shut down, the power supply can beep and the power LED can flash for a very short time afterwards.  This happens because there was not enough time for the main voltages to decay before the power cord is pulled.  It is not a failure, just an annoyance, and not the cause of your power up problem.

About Product:

HP Z800 workstation is designed to do very much that, but there’s one difference – it’s a computer that’s encased in a system that can quite justifiably be described as ‘cool’, which isn’t the sort of term you’d normally find associated with workstations.

There are three front mounted USB ports, headphone and microphone sockets and a full 6-pin FireWire port, which makes a lot of sense for its target audience, which could well be editing digital video. Round the rear of the machine you’ll find six more USB ports and another FireWire socket along with two Ethernet ports.

The side of the workstation immediately impresses with a large brushed metal side panel that feels very solid and has the HP logo embossed into the sides. A level handle sits at the top and there’s a lock so you can keep the expensive internals safe from casual thieves. Lift the handle and the side comes easily away. Impressively, a full schematic guide is etched onto the interior, so you can easily see the layout if you need to locate items for upgrading or diagnosis, without having to worry about a sticker peeling off years down the line.

One of the chief selling points of the Z-series is its tool-less entry and on the inside you’ll find an impressive machine. Firstly, all the parts you might need access to that can be opened and removed are indicated by a green marker. This includes four 5.25in hard disks, the optical drives and the fans.


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