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Last Updated On May 04, 2018
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  I have an HP z210 workstation with an i7 2600 processor. The processer has 4 cores and 8 threads but when I turn on hyper-threading in the BIOS task manager shows the CPU as having 2 cores and 4 threads. How can I fix this?
solution:Reset the bios settings then reconfigure the settings

About Product:

HP z210 workstation CMT is the only one that can come with the new Intel Xeon E3 CPU. The new Xeon E3 CPU offers a more affordable alternative to the often bloated prices of the Xeon lineup. Though the CPU can still be beat by some of the six-core Xeon’s it comes in a close second. Our particular model is equipped with a hyperthreaded Quad Core Xeon E3-1280 which clocks in at 3.5GHz and is capable of 3.9GHz with turbo boost.

The NVIDIA Quadro 2000 graphics card is the second most expensive component in this computer. The card has two DisplayPorts and a Dual Link DVI-I for connecting your monitors. The card supports a maximum resolution of 2560×1600 and has 1GB of video memory. If you are using any 3D modeling programs, this is a great card. If you just plan on editing video, some of the cheaper ATI FireGL cards may be a better alternative.

Our review model came equipped with a Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB 10K RPM drive. The drive is actually a 2.5-in laptop hard drive with a 3.5-in heatsink adapter. Considering the speed of this drive, you can barely hear it running. To top it off, the computer comes with an IEEE 1394a FireWire 400 card and a DVD burner with LightScribe.


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