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Last Updated On May 04, 2018
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  The HP xw8200 Workstation generates 9 (nine) red blinks on the power LED and the E-buzzer tone with no beep codes.
solution: Before replacing any hardware, check if the 6 (six) pin BLACK PCI-E power connector from the power supply has been plugged in to the WHITE 6 (six) pin connector on the mother board. The PCI-E power connector is only for video cards. There may or may not be a white 6 (six) pin connector on the power supply.

If you plug the black connector into the white socket on the system board, it will produce this error condition. Removing the PCI-E power connector from the system board will allow the system to function properly.

About Product:

The HP xw8200 Workstation from Hewlett-Packard is designed to meet the needs of video editors, graphic designers, educators, and businesspeople. The computer is loaded with 250GB of hard drive space, 512MB of RAM and a DVD-RW that lets your burn CD and DVD discs. The system is powered by dual Xeon 3.4 GHz processors. The computer is pre-loaded with Windows XP, ensuring compatibility with the latest hardware and software.

Combining the highest processing and I/O power from Intel with the latest graphics technology from leading graphics providers, the HP xw8200 Workstation delivers dual-processing performance, large computational and visualization capacity, expandability and HP’s renowned reliability. A broad range of ISV-certified 3D and 2D PCI Express (PCIe) graphics solutions are available, along with operating system choices to best fit your requirements. Supporting Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T)i, the HP xw8200 Workstation is engineered to meet your present and future business demands.

Get the highest performance Intel technology available on a personal workstation Intel’s E7525 high-end performance chipset for Intel® Xeon® processors supports dual processing, an 800 MHz system bus (6.4 GB/sec bandwidth) and a dual-channel DDR2 400 MHz SDRAM memory subsystem, putting increased power and efficiency behind demanding applications.


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