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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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I’m having weird freezing issue with my Dell workstation. This issue presents it self even when computer is under heavy load or no load at all. Everything freezes in an instant, moving the mouse, the laser light under turns off, touching any key on the keyboard the lights go off, power is cut to all USB components. At first I thought it could be driver issue but I’ve updated all the drivers. I’ve tried it with different operating systems, switched out the CPU, changed the memory, changed the hard drive and still the issue persists. I’m wondering if there is a program/tool for testing bad components or if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated…
Solution: Sounds like a USB power short issue after reading your description. You don’t detail how many USB devices you are running, if they have their own power supply, or if they are taking power from the system. Check each USB port to make sure that the connectors are straight and the plastic guider is present. Have you updated the system BIOS? This may fix the issue if the ports aren’t damaged. Failing that, and assuming I am on the right track, itmay be the system board has a fault. Check your warranty and give Dell support a call. Hope this helps! 


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