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Last Updated On May 06, 2018
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I’m purchasing a barebone Dell Precision T7910 workstation. I was looking for CPU with high single thread performance and low cost. Intel Xeon E5-1620 v3 seems to be a good fit for my criteria. However, I’m not certain whether this cpu will be compatible with T7910 as it’s usually installed on T5810. Does anyone know if it’ll work?
Solution: So I contacted Dell support and I was told that it’s compatible. Indeed, after I installed it. I worked just fine. Although I cannot confirm this since I only installed one, I think T7910 might not take two Xeon E5-1620 v3 because the CPU has a QPI link count of 0.

About Product:

The Dell Precision T7910 workstation is ISV certified to perform effortlessly running intensive software applications used by design engineers, financial analysts, and geologists. ISV is an acronym for Independent Software Vendor and means these independent software vendors have tested the software, hardware, and components to ensure stable and reliable performance. The new Dell workstations are also optimized for the creation of VR content. Contrary to a Mac, which is not powerful enough to run VR content, you can create and actually watch the results of your labors on your Dell workstation. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR solutions are supported on this system.

Dell’s 7910 workstation features the Intel C612 chipset to support dual Xeon E5-2600 v4 and E5-2600 v3 processors. With two processors up to 1TB of DDR4 ECC memory modules can be installed. The system is highly expandable. Users can start out with just a single processor and add another as work needs change. This is a fairly quiet system but acoustical performance can be improved by up to 38% with an optional liquid cooling solution.

The T7910 workstation supports an abundance of storage with up to four 3.5-inch SATA or eight 2.5-inch SATA/SAS drives supported. One of the two external media bays can also be converted to support up to four additional 2.5-inch drives. The system will also support optional PCIe SSD drives and two or four M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs that are four times faster than traditional SATA SSD storage and supported on the Dell Precision Ultra-Speed Drive Duo or Quad storage solutions. An optional PCIe controller is required for RAID 5 support.


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