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Last Updated On May 06, 2018
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I have already two HDs (1TB + 2TB) and recently I bought one more – 3TB (I have read that you can connect disk up to 3TB to Dell Precision T7610 motherboard) But unfortunately it is not recognised…On top of that I am not able to boot my linux 64bit system when this disk is connected….Probably I am missing something..  
solution-The Hard drive should be converted to GPT (GUID Partition Table) format and in BIOS the UEFI mode has to be enabled if more than 3TB hard drive should be detected.

About Product:

Dell sent us the latest iteration of the Dell Precision T7610 workstation, one that is powered by a single Intel Xeon processor, the E5-2620 v2, a six-core monster clocked at 2.1GHz (with a 2.6GHz Turbo), 15MB cache and a TDP of 80W.

Our test machine came with Windows 7 Professional, a downgrade from Windows 8.1 that comes by default but a good option for those unwilling to make the jump to a whole new UI.

The charcoal-coloured tower houses a full-size Extended ATX motherboard with an Intel C602 chipset. The latter is populated with 16GB of RAM (four 4GB modules) ECC DDR3 RDIMM clocked at 1.866GHz, an integrated LSI 2308 SAS/SATA controller and a 3GB Nvidia Quadro K4000 full-size card with two DP and one DVI-I port.

There’s one free processor socket as well as 12 other free memory slots (allowing up to 256GB when filled with 16GB memory modules) plus a 1TB hard disk drive from Western Digital, a Caviar Blue model with 64MB cache, along with a slimline optical drive plus a removable 1300W PSU.

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