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Last Updated On May 06, 2018
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Dell Precision T7600. Cannot get the SLI option to appear in the Nvidia control panel. I have two Nvidia GTX 970 cards and SLI bridge that should be great. Chipset is Intel C602. Nvidia recommended installing a hotfix download, but did not help at all, even using clean install
solutionJust because a system has two or more PCI-Ex16 slots does not mean it supports SLI.I found out that it only supports SLI for Nvidia Quadro cards, and not GTX cards. I had mistakenly assumed that it would work in SLI because of the tech specs for SLI Qudaro. DOH! I still have the T7600 and have since upgraded to a GTX 980 Ti. I even looked at the DEll Precision T7910, but it is the same. I’d still be interested in a motherboard that would take (2) E5-2650L Xeons that supports SLI for GTX cards.

About Product:

A moderately sized case, the Dell Precision T7600 workstation is suitably stout without being overly heavy. A pair of Mac Pro-esque handles makes lifting and moving a simple task. Accessibility and serviceability are key here. Pull a single recessed lever on the side of the case and the entire side tilts out and lifts off with the greatest of ease.

The interior is delightfully devoid of the usual tangle of cables and wiring. Instead, wires are bundled together, tucked and snaked, up and over, around and under, various components, to keep them both functional and unobtrusive. It is an extremely efficient design, providing a maximum of unobstructed airflow. Air passes through the case via a stylish, extruded diamond patterned, front panel. One 4-inch and two 3-inch whisper-quiet forward mounted fans handle case cooling duties. Additionally, each of the two CPUs has its own fan pulling air through about a 3-inch stack of cooling fins. A pair of smaller fans built into the power supply, with an additional fan hiding behind the motherboard, provides plenty of added cooling to keep everything running as smoothly, and as cool as possible.

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