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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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Dell Precision T7600. Cannot get the SLI option to appear in the Nvidia control panel. I have two Nvidia GTX 970 cards and SLI bridge that should be great. Chipset is Intel C602. Nvidia recommended installing a hotfix download, but did not help at all, even using clean install
solutionJust because a system has two or more PCI-Ex16 slots does not mean it supports SLI.I found out that it only supports SLI for Nvidia Quadro cards, and not GTX cards. I had mistakenly assumed that it would work in SLI because of the tech specs for SLI Qudaro. DOH! I still have the T7600 and have since upgraded to a GTX 980 Ti. I even looked at the DEll Precision T7910, but it is the same. I’d still be interested in a motherboard that would take (2) E5-2650L Xeons that supports SLI for GTX cards.