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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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I have a Dell Precision T7500 workstation which comes with an external SATA port. The machine is running Windows 7 with SP 1 (64 bit). I have tried several external hard drives with the eSATA port but most of them don’t work. The OS will see the drive but as soon as I try to access it, the drive will disappear and I will see ATAPI errors in the Windows event log.

I have tried the drives with an E4600 so I know the drives work. I have tried two different esata cables. I have also tried the Intel RST drivers vs the Microsoft standard AHCI 1.0 controller driver.

The drives that don’t work are:

  1.  A LaCie external drive
  2. A Western Digital My Home Drive

Typically the drive is recognized but Windows states it needs formatting. (It is already formatted) or the drive volume mounts but as soon as I try to write to the drive, I get an error.

What does work is a Startech eSATA dock. If I plug that in, the docked drive is recognized straight away and works fine.

Are there any firmware updates that I am missing (BIOS version of the T7500 is A15) or drivers that I should be using? 

solution: You have mentioned you installed Intel RST, however the issue didn’t fix. You have Windows 7 64-bit, under Windows 7 64-bit no chipset drivers are listed on our support site, please try installing “Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility” listed under Windows Vista 64-bit and check if this fixes the problem.