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Last Updated On May 06, 2018
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I have a user that is working on a Dell Precision Tower 5810.  The machine will not complete the reboot process when selected.  Example: Click on the start button > go to arrow next to shutdown and select restart.  The machine will shut down and then the tower’s power button will light up and stay lit up, the fan will be running, but nothing will pop up on the monitor.  Then we would have to do a hard boot in order for the machine to complete POST and get us to the sign in screen.

I have tried several things to troubleshoot with no solution:

-restart the machine with no USB inserted

-F2 > checked Boot sequence, POST, nothing unusual

-went to > ran a Dell System Detect test, everything passed

-did a flea power drain

What else can I try? 

solutionWould suggest you to try the following steps:

*to set-up the HDD as the First Boot Device in BIOS BOOT sequence.

*Update BIOS to the latest version

*Re-install graphics card drivers with the latest drivers

About Product:

Dell has acted quickly to adopt the new processor and use it to put extra spring into the step of its popular Precision workstation family. Dual and single-socket workstations will both benefit from the makeover and for this review we checked out the Dell Precision T5810 workstation, a single-socket workstation that sits at the more affordable end of the spectrum.

Following the standard workstation pattern, the T5810 is housed in a substantial yet compact black and silver tower which, thanks to a couple of design flourishes, manages to somehow look pretty stylish. Power comes from an externally removable 685W AC supply which has two fans built in for cooling with, on the review system, another built onto the video card. The end result was far from silent, but we’d still put it down at the quiet end of the scale for this type of system.

 Designed to be customised, access is provided via a lift-off side panel with plenty of room to get to all the important bits and pieces. And that includes an all-new motherboard sporting a single socket for the Haswell-based Intel Xeon processor plus, of course, the latest C612 chipset required to manage it.

Processor-wise, the workstation we looked at was fitted with a Xeon E5-1620 v3 (it’s the “v3” that signifies the Haswell architecture) clocked at 3.5GHz and delivering four cores/eight threads plus a decent 10MB of cache. A good starting point for buyers on a budget, this processor scored an impressive 14,656 when tested using Geekbench, compared to a baseline of just 2,500 for a 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5.

Moreover, those with extra cash to splash can opt for a number of alternatives both from the single-socket E5-1600 v3 family and the E5-2600 v3 line-up, more usually found in dual-socket configurations.


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