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Last Updated On May 06, 2018
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  I am having an issue with my Dell Precision T5600 workstation.  When I power it on, I am seeing nothing on my monitor (not even the BIOS).  I have tried swapping out video cards (thinking it may have been a bad video card), but even then I am not getting anything on the screen.

I do notice the front indicators are light up with 1,2,3 lit up in an amber color.  (see attached photos). .

I notice when I start up the computer, the lights go in the indication as follows:

(3) (4)


(1) (2) (3)

(1) (2)

(1) (2) (3)

I was able to one time get to the bios, but then said it had no boot device (though 2 hard drives were setup).  See photos.  Anyone know why this would be happening?

solution:(3) (4) = Appropriate memory modules were detected but a memory failure has occurred. (3) = CPU configuration activity is in progress or a CPU failure was detected. (1) (2) (3) = Indicates routine system activity subsequent to video initialization. (1) (2) = System resource configuration in progress. (1) (2) (3) = Indicates routine system activity subsequent to video initialization.

Power off, disconnect the power cable, open the case, remove and reseat every card and cable you see. Reconnect power cable, monitor to video card, and power on. What Diagnostic LED do you get? Remove all video cards and then power on.

About Product:

Workstations are a different breed from a typical desktop PC offering tested and verified compatibility with not only the operating system and hardware but also industry leading software such as Adobe, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, etc. Workstations are also the bread and butter for crunching numbers in finance, scientific analysis, engineering, and film editing. In 2012, HP systems were dominating the workstation market. With the arrival of the T3500, T5600, and T7600, all of that changed. With these Dell workstations, HP had some serious competition on their hands. In fact, the mid-range Dell T5600 tower workstation was more comparable to HP’s top of the line Z820 workstation and had the performance credentials to prove it.

ISV certified ensures this system performs effortlessly running intensive software applications used by design engineers, financial analysts, and geologists. ISV is an acronym for Independent Software Vendor and means these independent software vendors have tested the software, hardware, and components to ensure stable and reliable performance.

The Dell Precision T5600 workstation features Intel’s C600 series chipset to support dual Xeon E5-2600 processors with up to 8 cores each. It also comes with turbo boost in some processors and optional vPro Technology, which is Intel’s umbrella marketing term for a bunch of other things that are included with the processor to augment performance.

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