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Last Updated On May 08, 2018
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 I have a Precision T5500 BIOS A06 with 2 x E5630’s and 24GB of RAM, SASA 6/iR with a Dell branded Seagate 146GB 15k.7 SAS drive and an additional PCIe Intel NIC and an AMD FireMV 2260.  I tried to update the BIOS to A16 and it seemed to work fine. When it rebooted, it would show lights 3 and 4 and seem to go into suspend mode.  It would keep doing this over and over – going through pre-post but never showing the dell logo in the BIOS and never booting.  If I took out the CMOS battery, I could get it to boot once and it would load the operating system but if I rebooted or shut down, it would be back to lights 3 and 4 suspend mode and never POST again. I pulled the battery and put A06 back on a DOS bootable thumb drive and reflashed back to A06 and now it works fine again. Any idea what’s going on here with A16 or my T5500?
solution: Possible the download of A16 was corrupted….? Review the information and instructions for versions between A06 and A16 to see if any of them have prerequisites. In other words, can you go directly from A06 to A16 without some intermediate version? Not a common occurrence but this does happen occasionally. You should be able to find links to previous versions on the page that offers A16.
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