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Last Updated On May 08, 2018
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   I currently have OS X 10.11.2 running on a Dell Precision T1700 workstation (i7 4590, 16G DDR3, Quadro K620 (Nvidia Web Driver)) and Clover r3577. It works like a charm. I decided to update it to Sierra so I wanted to update Clover first. The last version of Clover didn’t work as the computer reboot just after: “[…] Using reloc block: yes, hibernate wake: no ++++++++++++++++++++++” So I decided to “bisect” and find the issue. I finally found I can’t even update to Clover r3811 with the same issue. I did some tests with OSXAptioFixDrv-64 (reboot after “++++”), OSXAptioFixDrv2-64 (reboot after “++++”) and OsxLowMemFixDrv-64 (freeze on “+++++++”).
solution: Thanks for your help [code] ACPI DSDT Debug DropOEM_DSM NameDSDT.aml ReuseFFFF SSDT DropOem Generate Boot Arguments dart=0 nvda_drv=1 Debug DefaultVolume HD(3,GPT,********,0x*****,0x40000) LegacyPBR Secure Timeout 5 XMPDetection Yes Devices Audio Inject 1 FakeID ATI0x0 IMEI 0x0 IntelGFX 0x0 LAN 0x0 NVidia 0x0 SATA 0x0 WIFI 0x0 XHCI 0x0USB FixOwnership Inject DisableDrivers Nothing GUI Hide Windows\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI Language en:0 Mouse DoubleClick 500 EnabledMirror Speed 8 Scan Entries Legacy First Tool ScreenResolution 1920x1080Theme tonymacx86 Graphics Inject ATI Intel NVidia NvidiaSingleKernelAndKextPatches AppleRTC AsusAICPUPM Debug KernelCpuKernelHaswellE KernelLapic KernelPm KextsToPatch Comment SSD TRIM FindQVBQTEUgU1NEAA== Name IOAHCIBlockStorage ReplaceAAAAAAAAAAAAAA== Comment External icons patch Find RXh0ZXJuYWw=Name AppleAHCIPort Replace SW50ZXJuYWw= RtVariables BooterConfig0x28 CsrActiveConfig 0x3 SMBIOS BiosReleaseDate 09/03/2013 BiosVendorApple Inc. BiosVersion IM142.88Z.0118.B00.1309031249 Board-ID Mac-************** BoardManufacturer Apple Inc. BoardType 10 ChassisAssetTagiMac-Aluminum ChassisManufacturer Apple Inc. ChassisType 13 Family iMacManufacturer Apple Inc. ProductName iMac14,2 SerialNumber ******** TrustVersion 1.0 SystemParameters InjectKexts Detect InjectSystemID [/code]
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