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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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I have just received a M6800 laptop, it has 32gb ram and i7processor and 256gb SSD and a 1tb hdd with a the built in intel hd 4600 display and a firepro m6100 and it is running Windows . When I booted it Friday using a DVI connected display and a display port to DVI display and a usb display, it worked fine. I started installing SQL server and visual studio etc. I had to reboot and now the display on the display port gets garbled up when it gets to the screen you click to log in. I have tried this on a few EPort replicators and it happens almost everytime. I have installed the latest AMD drivers, first from Dell then from AMD and that has not helped. I even rest windows 10 and it happened after that. I have booted it with display port plugged in and it booted to a garbled display, then when I disconnected the cord the remaining displays cleaned right up. I am not sure what will help me at this point. Anyone have any ideas what to do next?
Solution: I have a couple basic suggestions, first try testing with just the LCD, reboot several times and make sure that there aren’t any problems with no external displays attached. I also suggest making sure that when testing make sure that the AC adapter is connected to the notebook.  I suggest also selecting the high performance power plan in Windows as well. If you boot without the display port display connected are they any problems, once booted to Windows are you able to connect the display port connection without any issues? Also check the BIOS settings under video, there is a checkbox for Enable dock DP port 1 for Post, by default it is unchecked, check it and see if it helps.


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