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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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I have a Dell Precision M6600 (i5 CPU) with an AMD FirePro M8900 GPU and I have the issue that with the AMD drivers installed, the laptop shows a black screen after the Windows 7 booting screen shows up. When I run the laptop in safe mode or without the AMD drivers, it works just fine. I ran several diagnostics through the BIOS but the GPU passed every time and it says there are no issues with it. Is there anything I can do to fix that? Or is the GPU defective, although the diagnostics don’t show any issues with it? Thank you for your input and help!
Solution: Download and update the bios to see if that can resolve the issue. Below is the download link. Dell Precision M6600 System BIOS…/DriversDetails Note 1: You will need to provide a bootable DOS USB key. This executable file does not create the DOS system files. Note 2: Please make sure you suspend BitLocker encryption before updating BIOS on a BitLocker enabled system. If you don’t enable BitLocker on your system you can ignore it.


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