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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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I was given a dell precision 490 with no ram, no har drives, and a sas raid card. I had two sata hard drives around, and i bought the ram i needed and installed it. the graphics card it had in it had a output i couldn’t use, so i threw a gtx 760 in it. I got it to get to the bios, and saw an error regarding the raid card so i powered it down and took it out (i never planned on using it anyways). When i tried to turn it back on, all that happened was the fans spun for ~5 seconds then it turned off. The diagnostic lights blink 1 + 2 during the failed boot attempts. So i put the raid card back in and get the same issues.
Solution: Does the Precision have an upgraded power supply? I feel like a GTX 760 would be way over the power rating of the power supply. Also make sure no other parts(ram or Graphics card) came lose when you were messing with the RAID card.
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