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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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 . Today I ran into a real muthaF of an issue. We purchased a brand new Dell PowerEdge T430 server for a client, it shipped, we un-boxed and then when we proceeded to ATTEMPT to install Windows Server 2016 via USB we ran into a “small” problem, we couldn’t install a Windows Server OS from a bootable USB drive on a PowerEdge T430. Every time we attempted to boot to the USB drive, it gave us an error about ‘no bootable media’.I’ve used this bootable USB drive on other servers and even attempted it on my laptop to confirm it was a bootable USB thumb drive.I tried other ports, screwed around with BIOS settings, tried installing the O.S. through the Lifecycle controller menu and then finally resorted to the Google machine and finally called Dell support who notified me that…

solution-Create a DVD of the O.S.  This is a fine solution except for the fact that the ISO of Server 2016 is 6.8 GB and a lot of people are probably googling this in a scenario where they don’t have a dual layer DVD on them. I received a comment from one, Mohsen Badrani, who recommended a program that will properly format a USB drive to adhere to the standards set forth by the buttholes over at Dell.

Format your USB stick to UEFI and GPT by downloading the tool from : Start the tool as administrator. Select the USB storage device then make the partition scheme and target system type to be GPT  “partition scheme for UEFI. Give it the ISO image of windows server 2016 or whichever O.S you are installing and let the tool create the bootable USB. In the server boot settings make it UEFI and then make the partition GPT.

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