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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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I have blade M1000e, servers are PowerEdge M610?

. BIOS version is is 6.4.0., its CMC (M1000e) Firmware version is 5.12, and iDRAC6 Firmware version is 3.80 (Build 3). While resetting controller iDRAC6 – CMC sends an e-mail message “CMC is unable to obtain the CPU information from the server specified in the message. This occurs if there is no communication between CMC and iDRAC.” Where is the issue?

solution-There is no issue. The CMC communicates with the iDRAC to gather information about the blade. When you reset the iDRAC you are restarting the iDRAC. When the iDRAC goes offline the CMC loses connection with the iDRAC and will send the alert you are describing.


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