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Last Updated On May 06, 2018
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I’ve been fighting a Windows 7 SP 1 install issue with 3 Optiplex 390 PC’s for the last few days. I’ve searched online for solutions and tried almost all of them without success. I’ve posted on the Microsoft 2007 forum and tried everything suggested, again with no success.

On all 3 PC’s, I’ve formatted the HD and reloaded Windows 7 SP1. The reloads finished normally with no errors. I then ran Windows Update which listed over 180 updates that needed to be applied. The updates were downloaded and installed without issue. Running Windows Update again, it listed 7 more updates that needed to be installed. On all 3 of the PC’s, these 7 updates fail to install with the error code 80072EFE.

The updates that will not install are two .NET framework updates, a security update, two general updates, the malicious software removal tool, and a definition update for defender.

I’ve done this same process with other Dell models in recent days without any problems. It’s seems to be something with the 390’s. I’ve updated the BIOS and all the drivers, which had no affect.

Solution:Do you have the latest version of the Windows Update Agent for Win 7? You may have to download and install the latest “stand-alone” version of the Update Agent package manually from the link here:…/how-to-update-the-windows-update-agent-to-the-latest-version Manually install that package, assuming you don’t already have it, reboot, and try installing those failed updates again…

About Product:

The Dell Optiplex 390 can be purchased in several form factors: as a mini tower, desktop, or as in this case, a mini desktop PC. In the last form, the Optiplex 390 is compact and feels solid and rugged enough for any classroom, which you’d expect when it weighs almost 6Kg.

The PC can be used in a tower or desktop configuration, but whichever way you use it, it doesn’t take up a great deal of desk space, so there’s a fair bit of flexibility when it comes to deploying it in the classroom.

The Optiplex 390 comes with a full-size keyboard and mouse and both feel reassuringly solid. Depending on your tastes, the PC’s front panel is clean and uncluttered, or rather austere: there are just two USB 2 ports, headphone and microphone jacks and a DVD rewriter. We like the lack of clutter, but it’s a pity that a multi-reader card slot wasn’t included – there’s certainly space for one, but it’s only available for the desktop and tower versions of the Optiplex 390.

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