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Last Updated On March 20, 2018
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When I want to make a raid 5 between hard disks of UCS c220 M4 all options are disabled like the attached pictures. Do I need a activation key for that one? [/box]

solution-There is no activation key. Did you physically verify the cache module is installed and powered on? Does it show up in the CIMC under the storage controller? That would be the first step.

RAID Card Version

UCSC-MRAID12G1-JBOD,0,1,10-None, UCSC-MRAID12G-512-JBOD,0,1,5,50-512MB,UCSC-MRAID12G-1GB-JBOD,0,1,10,5,6,50,60-1GB,UCSC-MRAID12GG-2GB-JBOD,0,1,10,5,6,50,60-2GB,UCSC-MRAID12G-4GB-JBOD,0,1,10,5,6,50,60-4GB. Base RAID controller card (RAID 0,1,10 only). FBWC option for base RAID controller card (adding the FBWC option extends the RAID levels)


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