The following generation HPE MSA 2040 Storage arrays increases the bar & distinctly handles HPE ProLiant buyers’ provided storage and dataprotection needs, lowers TCO while substantially improving effectiveness employing systems such as Solid State Drives, Quantity and Snap content, Reproduction. HPE MSA 2040 Storage on Rental and Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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HPE MSA 2040 Storage

The MSA 2040 Storage arrays are situated to offer a superb price for buyers needing growing performance to guide projects such as combination. By leveraging new operator structure using a fresh processor, four locations with 4GB cache per operator & employing drive technologies such as SSDs, the MSA 2040 gives this effectiveness.

The MSA 2040 Storage boats standard with 64 Snapshots and Quantity Copy enabled for elevated data protection and allow reproduction with optional Remote Snap application between arrays (FC or iSCSI only).


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For Rental or Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore & Kochi.


New high-performance Converged SAN controller and SAS controller offer 4x the performance of today’s other entry-level SAN arrays.

4-port Converged SAN controller supporting Fibre Channel and iSCSI and a SAS Controller with 4GB Cache translating into better application response time and ability to support more virtualized environments.


4 x 1 Gbps iSCSI Ports Upgradeable to additional 4 x iSCSI / FC Ports.


6GB cache per controller, 12GB per storage array.


24TB of RAW Capacity on MDL-SAS(LFF)





The HP MSA 2040 Storage arrays are positioned to provide an excellent value for customers needing increasing performance to support initiatives such as consolidation and virtualization. The MSA 2040 setup delivers this performance by leveraging new controller architecture with a new processor, four ports with 4 GB cache per controller and using drive technologies such as SSDs. The  Hp MSA Storage ships standard with 64 Snapshots and Volume Copy enabled for increased data protection and allow replication with optional Remote Snap software between arrays (FC or iSCSI only).

Hp MSA 2040 SAS controller

2U rack height. 12 Large Form Factor or 24 Small Form Factor drive bays, accommodating SSD (available only for Small Form Factor), SAS, SEDs and SAS Midline drives. Comes with space for one or two controllers

Drives available

The MSA 2040 controllers support both the MSA 3.5-inch Large Form Factor (LFF) drives, and the MSA 2.5- inch Small Form Factor (SFF) drives.

• Solid State Drives (SSDs) deliver exceptional performance for applications requiring high random read IOPs performance (available only for Small Form Factor).

• Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) enterprise-class drives are designed for high demand, 24×7 usage.

• SAS Midline drives are usually reserved for archival of data as they are relatively inexpensive and are available in very large capacities.

• Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs) are designed to safeguard critical personal and business information and to comply with Regulatory Mandates.

Optional Disk Enclosures

Just as the user has a choice of chassis for the array head (LFF and SFF drive bays, AC or DC powered), so also do they have a choice of expansion disk enclosures accommodating either drive size. Both the MSA 2040 and the D2700 disk enclosures can be hot-added to an operating array. SFF and LFF Array heads and Disk Enclosures can be mixed without limitations.

MSA 2040 3.5-inch Disk Enclosure. This 2U unit has twelve LFF (3.5-inch) drive bays and accepts for MSA dual-ported SAS, SEDs and SAS MDL drives. The pre-configured HPE MSA 2040 LFF Drive Enclosure (M0S96A) has two I/O modules and supports both single and dual controller arrays.

• This 3.5-inch MSA disk enclosure can be attached to MSA 2040 LFF or SFF array head.

• Each configured model ships standard with two .5m mini-SAS to mini-SAS cables for connection to the HPE MSA 2040 array expansion port or existing disk enclosure cascade port.

• LFF and/or SFF Disk Enclosures can be mixed up to the maximum of 7 total Disk Enclosures

• The MSA 2040 does not support LFF SATA HDDs.


The MSA 2040 array configurations are designed to allow an installation to begin with smaller capacity and be able to grow gradually as needed. The flexibility of SSD, SAS or SAS MDL drives technology, form factors, sizes, speeds, and costs per GB allows a system to easily fit in almost any budget.

• Large Form Factor configurations can scale up to 96 TB SAS MDL, expandable to 768 TB SAS MDL with the addition of a maximum of seven MSA 2040 3.5-inch Disk Enclosures.

• Small Form Factor configurations can scale up to 48 TB SAS. With the addition of seven D2700 JBODs, the HPE MSA 2040 storage for sales can support 398.2 TB SAS.

• Users may configure a 24-drive MSA 2040 array head with 12-drive LFF MSA 2040 3.5-inch disk enclosures. This is an excellent option for a configuration that supports high-speed SFF SSDs or fast SFF enterprise-class SAS drives in the array head, combined with economical LFF drives staged for archival purposes, all in the same array.

HP MSA 2040 Storage Models

MSA 2040 Controller:

HP MSA 2040 SAN Controller C8R09A

HP MSA 2040 SAS Controller C8S53A

MSA 2040 Pre-Configured Models:

HP MSA 2040 Energy Star SAN Dual Controller LFF Storage1 K2R79A

HP MSA 2040 Energy Star SAN Dual Controller SFF Storage2 K2R80A

HP MSA 2040 Energy Star SAS Dual Controller LFF Storage3 K2R83A

HP MSA 2040 Energy Star SAS Dual Controller SFF Storage4

HPE MSA 2040 Carrier-Grade Components (NEBS)

The HP MSA 2040 Storage arrays (SAN or SAS Controllers) connected 2U storage area network (SAN) or direct connect solution designed for network equipment providers (NEPs) and communication service providers. Suited for those who need a robust telecom infrastructure.

The HPE MSA 2040 Carrier-Grade Chassis (C8R11A) is a controller-less 6Gb chassis capable of supporting one or two MSA 2040 SAN Controller (C8R09A) or MSA 2040 SAS Controller (C8S53A) and has twenty-four Small Form Factor (SFF) drive bays. It comes equipped with two DC-power power supplies.

The hpe storage HPE P2000 2.5-in Dual I/O JBOD (BV921B) is a special model disk enclosure designed for use with NEBS compliant MSA 2040 configurations. This drive enclosure has 24 drive bays (unlike the D2700 with 25 drive bays) and has dual DC-power supplies. It is only sold with a carrier grade arrays.

HPE MSA 2040 STORAGE  for sale

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