The HPE MSA 1040 Storage arrays influence a brand new 4th generation controller structure 2, having a fresh processor – 4 GB cache per control and sponsor locations. Make the most of the most recent hard disk drives improvements by selecting engineering and the shape element which best fulfill your software and budget needs. HPE MSA 1040 STORAGE on Rental and Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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HPE MSA 1040 Storage

The MSA 1040 leverages the 4th-generation MSA structure, 2- controllers with a performance optimized , faster processor plus 4 GB Cache each I/E engine.

Elevated efficiency translates into better request response times and helps access combination and virtualization initiatives. Easy control change is allowed by mSA 1040 to flagship MSA 2040. Other value-valued arrays drive one to compromise.


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For Rental or Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore & Kochi.


The integrated setup and management Web-based Interface (WBI) makes MSA easy to manage for HPE ProLiant/BladeSystems administrators and IT generalists.

Leverage the latest Large or Small Form Factor hard disk drives –choice of High-performance Enterprise-class SAS or high-capacity SAS Midline drives based on application, performance and budget requirements.

On-board management tools augment OS and hypervisor views navigate firmware upgrades, monitor array performance with ease locally or remotely.


12 (total) / 12 (free) x hot-swap – 3.5″ LFF


2 x internal power supply – hot-plug


28.80 TB


6Gb/s SAS



The MSA 1040 is offered with 12 LFF or 24 SFF hot-swap drive bays and HP’s drive choices include 6Gbps SAS2, SSDs and midline SAS. For review, HP supplied us with the 24 SSF drive bay model with two controllers each with dual 10-Gigabit (10GbE) SFP+ ports.

You’re not limited to Ethernet either as along with dual 10GbE and Gigabit equipped controllers, HP offers 8Gbps Fibre Channel models as well. Cache memory in these 4th-Generation controllers has been boosted to 4GB and their contents protected against power failures by a combination of CompactFlash card and fast charging super-capacitor.

The array comes as standard with dual 573W hot-plug PSUs each with integral cooling fans. However, the very noisy fans make it far better suited to a server room or sound-proofed cabinet and not an open office.

If you’re running out of capacity the 6Gbps SAS interconnect ports on each controller can be used to daisy-chain more disk shelves using dual redundant links. Up to three MSA 2040 12-bay LFF or D2700 24-bay SFF shelves can be added for a total of 48 LFF or 99 SFF drives. If you want more performance and expansion potential you can even swap out the controllers and replace them with faster ones from HP’s MSA 2040 Storage model.

HPE msa 1040 storage Key features and benefits

Simple: Flexible Architecture. Easy To Setup. Easy To Manage

Dual controller configurations are standard and available at single controller price points.
More capacity/performance within your budget.
Latest MSA technology for 25 percent lower cost.

Fast: The MSA 1040 Delivers Up To 50 Percent More Performance Compared To P2000 G3.

The new hp msa 1040 default leverages the fourth-generation MSA technology, 2-port controllers with 4 GB Cache each, faster processor and a performance optimized I/O engine.
Increased performance translates into better application response times and facilitates entry consolidation and virtualization initiatives.

Futureproof: Built-In Expandability Along With An MSA 2040 Upgrade Option

Add Disk Enclosures as needed to boost capacity and spindle count. Most low-cost entry arrays don’t allow expansion.
MSA Unique Data-in-Place upgrades eliminate time-consuming and risky data migrations.
hp msa 1040 datasheet allows a simple controller swap to flagship MSA 2040. Other value-priced arrays force you to compromise.

New enhancements and benefits of the HPE MSA 1040 STORAGE include:

  • Boosts storage efficiency with advanced storage virtualization capabilities such as thin provisioning, enhanced snapshot services, wide-striping, and flash-based acceleration.
  • Reduces latency by as much as 70% for read cache and as much as 90% for Performance Tiering with as little as U.S. $1,599 incremental investment in SSD capacity.
  • Up to 75% lower storage costs by taking advantage of MSA’s Archive Tiering capabilities, which increases the cost-effectiveness of Nearline SAS hard disk drives (HDDs) by automatically placing data in the appropriate storage tier.

The MSA 1040 doesn’t disappoint in the performance stakes either and to test it we used one of the lab’s dual E5-2600 v2 Xeon servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 and equipped with an Emulex OCE11102-NM 10GbE adapter.

We loaded six 1.2TB SAS 2 SFF drives in the appliance, created a 1TB RAID5 volume and mapped it to the host server over a direct fibre link. With Iometer configured for 256KB transfer requests, we saw impressive raw sequential read and write speeds of 8.1Gbps and 5.3Gbps respectively.

HPE MSA 1040 STORAGE General I/O operations are speedy as Iometer set for 8KB transfer requests reported a steady 8,500 IOPS. General copy operations are just as good as copying our 50GB Iometer test file using Windows Explorer returned read and write rates of 364MB/sec and 299MB/sec.


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