Combining ultimate performance with a revolutionary new industrial design, the HP Z800 Workstation delivers the extreme speed and massive expandability that you demand to tackle your biggest challenges. The Hp Z800 Workstation on rental and sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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Powerful performance

Hp Workstation rental

HP’s Z800 workstation is designed to do very much that, but there’s one difference – it’s a computer that’s encased in a system that can quite justifiably be described as ‘cool’, which isn’t the sort of term you’d normally find associated with workstations.

The Z800 sits at the top of HP’s latest range of workstations, a successor to its xw series, though the latter is still available to buy on the HP website. The Z series is a new platform based on Intel’s Nehalem architecture, and HP’s Z400 and Z600 systems accompany it lower down the range.


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Intel’s tried-and-trusted 5520 chipset is the maestro in charge of managing the components on the motherboard. When it comes to expandability, an integrated 6-channel SATA and an integrated 8-channel SAS controller, bringing the theoretical total hard disk drive count to 14.

HP Z800 Workstation there’s six also PCI Express slots plus a lonely PCI one, two GbE connectors (Broadcom 5764), a Realtek ALC262 audio chip, 12 USB ports (none USB 3.0), two Firewire ports, a bevy of audio ports and a pair of PS2 ports.


Intel® Xeon® Processor X5650 * 2


64 GB DDR3 ECC Memory


500 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive


2Gb Quadro graphics card


HP Z800 Workstation

The key to the hp z800 quickspecs is the design; with the new look machines being created by BMW DesignWorks USA. It has a series of ridges running down the front that not only gives it a smart, efficient look, but also enables air to flow into the case from front to back, cooling all the internals.

A handle has been integrated into the design at the top and at the rear making it easier to move about during an office move. The case also stands on slightly raised rests so can be slid around a desk if needs be. HP has also said that the Z800’s are virtually the same dimensions (20.35 x 52.65 x 44.51 cm) as the xw9400 series so making it straightforward to upgrade without having to invest in new desks.

Hp workstations has not bothered with any time wasting covers for the front of the machine, and you’ll have direct access to an optical drive – a LightScribe capable DVD writer in this case – and beneath this are two free 5.25in bays should you need to add more. A strip down the right hand side contains a line of buttons and ports – the power button that lights up blue, and a flashing yellow light that indicates disk activity.

There are three front mounted USB ports, headphone and microphone sockets and a full 6-pin FireWire port, which makes a lot of sense for its target audience, which could well be editing digital video. Round the rear of the machine you’ll find six more USB ports and another FireWire socket along with two Ethernet ports.

The side of the workstation immediately impresses with a large brushed metal side panel that feels very solid and has the HP logo embossed into the sides. A level handle sits at the top and there’s a lock so you can keep the expensive internals safe from casual thieves. Lift the handle and the side comes easily away. Impressively, a full schematic guide is etched onto the interior, so you can easily see the layout if you need to locate items for upgrading or diagnosis, without having to worry about a sticker peeling off years down the line.

One of the chief selling points of the Z-series is its tool-less entry and on the inside you’ll find an impressive machine. Firstly, all the parts you might need access to that can be opened and removed are indicated by a green marker. This includes four 5.25in hard disks, the optical drives and the fans.

Perhaps the coolest aspect though is the power supply. Rating at 1,100W and 88 per cent efficiency, it’s unlike any PSU you’ll find in a standard desktop. Rather than the usual oblong, it’s thinner and runs across the top of the chassis from the front to the back. Air is drawn in from the front of the machine, and expelled at the rear and by keeping out of way of the internals it frees up more space and improves airflow there.

To speed up fault diagnosis, it can be removed in seconds just by unplugging at the rear, and pulling on the handle at the side. Plug it back in and a light at the back illuminates to show if it’s getting power or not, helping to speed up diagnosis in case of failure and removing the need to have an engineer sent out.

Powerful performance by design

Get massive, whole-system computational power from a workstation that optimizes the way the processor, memory, graphics, OS, and software technology work together.


Sleek new look

The revolutionary industrial design features brushed aluminum side panels, integrated handles, visually cable-less engineering that maximizes airflow, modular component removal and reconnect, and optional liquid cooling.


Expandability without comparison

Tackle the most data-intensive applications with massive data capacity and the ultimate in computing power and system expandability.


HP Z800 Workstation Cluster power

Get cluster-level performance and enable energy efficiency, boasting 240 processor cores per GPU and a standard C compiler to help solve your most important computing challenges more quickly and accurately.

HP Z800 Workstation

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