The HP Z620 Workstation is quoted to to using four times the memory capacity compared to last-generation techniques, a bigger power, and help for single- or twin-socket processor configurations. HP Z620 Workstation on Rental and Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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Compact form factor

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Looking deeper into the HP Z620’s technical specifications show some impressive hardware and support, including its compatibility for both Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v2 and E5-1600 v2 families for a grand total of 27 different processors. Additionally, it also supports up to 192GB of the latest generation of system memory with 12 DIMM slots as well as integrated 1866MHz DDR3 memory subsystem, allowing the Z620 to be optimized for a 64-bit environment. As far as its power consumption goes, the new HP workstation uses and leverages an 800W 90% efficient power supply, which is ideal for high-end graphics cards if users choose to go that route.

The HP Z620 also comes standard with 4x USB 3.0 ports as well as a 1-port Thunderbolt 2 and an HP IEEE 1394b FireWire PCIe cards. Users can also customize their HP Z620 Workstation with multiple different SATA and SAS RAID configuration options that support a variety of high-performance, high capacity storage solutions.


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The Z620 is an update to the older, Z600 series. It supports eight-core CPUs (the Z600 topped out at hexa-core), offers 2x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, one PCIe 3.0 x8 slot (x4 electrically), one PCIe 2.0 x8 slot (also x4 electrically), an PCIe 2.0 x4/x1 slot, and one legacy PCI slot. There are bays for three 3.5-inch drives and two 5.25-inch externals.

The 800W, 90% efficient power supply is capable of driving up to 300W of GPU power; the Z600 only supported a 150W GPU. Finally, the number of LAN ports has been bumped up to 2x1Gbit Intel solutions as opposed to the Z600’s single 1Gbit Broadcom. Nvidia’s Tesla GPU Compete platform is also explicitly supported.


Intel® Xeon® E5-2643 (3.3 GHz, 10 MB cache, 4 cores)
Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 (2 GHz, 15 MB cache, 6 cores)
Intel® Xeon® E5-2697 v2 (2.7 GHz, 30 MB cache, 12 cores)


48 GB DDR3-1600 unbuffered SDRAM;

192 GB DDR3-1600 registered SDRAM 1600 MHz DDR3 Unbuffered SDRAM
192 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Registered SDRAM


300 GB up to 600 GB SAS (15000 rpm)
300 GB up to 1.2 TB SAS (10000 rpm)
500 GB up to 3 TB SATA (7200 rpm)


NVIDIA Quadro 410 (512 MB)

NVIDIA Quadro K600 (1 GB)

AMD FirePro V3900 (1 GB)



Design and build

HP Z620 looks very similar to other previous Z Workstations (such as the Z420), with its simple no frills–yet rugged and clean–design and all metal black casing. The majority of the front panel consists of a ventilation grid for maximum cooling. We thought the addition of the handle on the front was a nice touch, as it allows this sturdy rig to be easily moved around the office. There are various components located on the front panel, such as the three USB ports (2x 3.0, 1x 2.0), a microphone and head phone connector, HD drive activity light, an IEEE-3194a FireWire connector and an optional optical drive.

When the side panel is removed to access the interior of the Z620, it is immediately clear that the Workstation is indeed very compact, as HP claims. That being said, there is more than enough room to maneuver your hands for upgrades and removal of components. The interior is also intelligently designed and laid out as well as very easy to service and maintain since no tools (e.g. screwdrivers) are required.

The HP Z620 supports a plethora of features and components including our two Intel Xeon E5-2637 v2 4C 3.5GHz and eight 8GB 1866MHz RDIMM memory. With its C602 chipset, it is capable of boasting greater system performance as well as an abundance of storage options. The motherboard supports up to 12 DIMMs (8 DIMMs on system board, 4 DIMMs on 2nd CPU & Memory Module), 6 SATA devices (2 ports 6Gb/s + 4 ports 3Gb/s), 11 USB 2.0 ports, 4 USB 3.0, and dual integrated Intel GbE LAN for network connectivity. Also included on the motherboard are two x16 slots for graphics cards, one x8 slot, one x4 slot, and four x1 slots, the latter which is for legacy support.

Its on-board storage connectivity provides 6 SATA ports: 4 support SATA2.0 3Gb/s and other two support SATA3.0 6Gb/s. Both SATA 3.0 and 2.0 ports can configured in RAID0, 1, 5 and 10. An optional SAS controller can be installed LSI 9212-4i 4-port SAS 6Gb/s, which is RAID0, 1, 10 capable.

Overall, the Z620 is very intelligently designed, with its tool-less chassis, quiet running technology, and expandability options, the latter which allows users to upgrade and their needs grow in complexity and size.


The HP Z620 offers a lot of punch when it comes to GPU power, as it is specifically designed for rendering graphics and heavy business applications with its high-end graphics cards and GPU options that are certified by independent software vendors. Users will have a wide range of hardware from NVIDIA and AMD available to them while customizing their system: professional 2D level (NVIDIA NVS series), entry level 3D (NVIDIA Quadro 410 and NVIDIA Quadro K600; AMD FirePro V3900) mid-range level 3D (NVIDIA Quadro K2000), high-end level 3D (NVIDIA Quadro K4000, K5000, K6000; AMD FirePro W7000), and high performance GPU computing cards (NVIDIA Tesla K20c and K40).

Users also can equip their systems with up to four graphics cards, though the third and fourth cards must match the second. This level of selection really allows the Z620 to satisfy a wide range business needs; whether it’s to support multiple displays at peak HD resolutions or to just simply increase productivity. That being said, GPUs and graphics cards are not included in the base model.

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