HP xw9300 Workstation is a top-end workstation with completely revamped hardware. Consequently, you get excellent performance, with built-in support for 64-bit processing. HP xw9300 Workstation available on Rental and Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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Dual dual-core processor workstation


The workstation’s excellent performance can be credited to the twins—the dual 2.6-GHz Opteron 252 CPUs nestled in an nVidia nForce Professional motherboard and the two nVidia Quadro FX 3400 graphics cards, that is. The hp xw9300 motherboard has eight DIMM slots and can support up to 16GB of dual-channel DDR memory. Our system came with 4GB of memory installed—too bad Microsoft Windows XP only sees 2.7GB of it. This is because of the 32-bit Windows limitation when mapping I/O hardware, such as the PCIe graphics card and other PCI devices, to memory.

Chunks of data must be reserved for these devices, which in turn lowers the amount of usable memory. If you enable PAE (physical address extension) mode with 36 or 40 address bits, or use a 64-bit OS with extended 64-bit addressing so the memory-mapped I/O could be mapped higher than the 4GB address limit, you won’t have this problem.


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The motherboard also supports two x16 PCIe slots for multicard, multimonitor connections. Currently, AMD 64 processors do not support DDR2 memory. Because the memory controller is built into the processor, it would take an updated design of the processor to support DDR2 memory. AMD 64 processors get better performance because of the lower latencies of a processor-integrated memory controller, but as DDR2 memory continues to increase its speed, this advantage will decline and eventually disappear.

The two SLI-capable Quadro FX 3400 graphic cards are promising, but there was no SLI connector included. You can still use both cards to output to four monitors. This should appeal to workstation users, such as financial analysts or CAE users, who would like to be able to open multiple models and their inventories.


AMD Opteron 250


2GB, PC3200 DDR


Hard Drive Capacity: 500GB
Hard Drive Interface: SATA


700 Watt



The HP’s top-end workstation hp xw9300 workstation price, promises excellent graphics performance. Its support for two PCI Express slots enable users to double the graphics power with the addition of a second graphics card.

The xw9300’s enclosure is the same as that of the xw8200 workstation. A mid-tower design, the machine is fairly compact and, when tilted sideways, can fit into a standard 19-inch rack. The front panel is mostly black, with a large grille for airflow, three full-width slots for DVD drives, and FireWire, USB, and audio ports. The back of the system offers Sony PlayStation 2, keyboard, and mouse connectors, as well as four USB, Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire, audio, and a single serial port. Noticeably missing is a parallel port; with most printers using USB today, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Popping open a latch on the side reveals the workstation’s innards. The cables are nicely arranged, and there’s plenty of room for expansion. The internal drive rack offers room for three drives (in addition to those accessible from the front). The internal drives are angled so that it’s easy to add drives without having to move cables around. The motherboard holds two 2.4ghz Opteron 250 processors, along with eight memory slots, SATA-2, and a dual SCSI disk interface. The included drive is a 74gb 10,000rpm Western Digital Raptor, which should provide very fast response. The power supply has a capacity of 750 watts, more than most people will ever need.

The xw9300 is the first workstation I’ve seen with the Nvidia nForce chipset, a new chipset likely to be widely adopted by most system vendors and motherboard manufacturers that use AMD CPUs. The hottest feature of this chipset is support for two full PCI Express x16 slots. It means you can fill these slots with two high-end graphics cards to get a fairly large performance boost. Last year, Nvidia announced its SLI technology, which enables two graphics cards to communicate and share resources. SLI also gives people an upgrade path; a machine can be configured with a single card, and then expanded as additional power is needed. In addition to the PCI Ex-press x16 slots, the xw9300 has a standard PCI Express slot and three PCI-X 100 slots.


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