HP xw8400 Workstation equipped with two 2.66 GHz Intel 5355 Xeon quad-core processors. At press time, the 5355 was the fastest quad-core Xeon chip available. HP xw8400 Workstation available on Rental and Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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The hp xw8400 motherboard was a bit larger than most HP workstations that Cadalyst has reviewed recently — it measures 17.9″ x 8.3″ x 20.7″ (HxWxD) — but the slightly larger case apparently included some new acoustic engineering features that made it one of the quietest systems I’ve ever used.

The sleek silver and charcoal gray case featured three 5.25″ hp xw8400 workstation drivers external drive bays, with an additional five 3.5″ drive bays accessible internally. In addition to single serial and parallel connections, the workstation had seven USB 2.0 external connectors, one USB 2.0 internal connector and single external FireWire connectors on both the front and back of the system.


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hp xw8400 specs

Intel’s latest screaming processor announcements included not only the hp xw8400 cpu upgrade Core2 Duo and Core2 Extreme, but also the new Dual-core Xeon processor, two of which are the brains behind one of HP’s newest workstations, the xw8400.

The Dual-core Intel Xeon 5160 processor is a 64-bit chip that operates at 3GHz, with a 1.3GHz front side bus (technically, 333MHz, but each clock cycle carries four instructions) and includes a 4MB cache. If this description makes you think “rip-roarin’ fast,” you are correct. And even better, there are two of these chips on the motherboard! This was our very first quad-core experience and could well be yours as well. But more on that later.


Intel Dual-core Xeon 5160, 3GHz, EM64T


2GB, DDR2-667, ECC


6 channels of Serial ATA (SATA) and 4 channels of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 3.0Gb/s natively supported internally


  • Min Operating Temperature
    41 °F
  • Nominal Voltage
    AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Max Operating Temperature
    95 °F




Without spending too much time talking about processors in a hp xw8400 review of a workstation, I do want to at least mention a few reasons why the new dual-core 64-bit Xeons are an important step for Intel and for the workstation market in general. They are the first viable challenge from Intel to AMD’s very successful 64-bit Opteron processors.

Their dual-core nature and new architecture allow Intel to leapfrog ahead in performance. They truly embody Moore’s Law in that they offer a doubling of performance at a price that is in line with previous processors. The dual-core architecture is like getting two processors in one package. Additionally, these new processors are delivering this increased performance hp xw8400 workstation power supply with less power consumption. Intel put a lot of effort in getting a powerful 64-bit processor out to the market that could compete with the Opteron, and they seem to have finally hit a home run.

It’s a tribute to HP’s workstation division that they were able to get the new dual-core Xeon’s so quickly integrated into a new workstation product. The point to remember is the new dual-core Xeons are state-of-the art processors that double previous comparable performance.


The system I tested from HP had two of the new dual core Intel Xeon 5100 sequence processors (previously code-named “Woodcrest”) inside, making it like having four processors in the system. This is certainly not a bad starting point when putting together a new workstation. HP also added lots of other performance enhancing features inside the xw8400’s mini-tower chassis as well. One of my favorites is the 1333MHz front side bus that easily keeps up with large data flows. The workstation also comes with a generous supply and variety of card slots, including 1 PCI, 2 PCI-X 100,1 PCI-X 133, 1 PCI Express x8 (PCIe x4 bandwidth), 1 PCI Express x16 (PCIe x4 bandwidth), 1 PCI Express x16 (150W full BW) and eight storage bays. In the all-important memory area, there are eight DIMM slots with a total of up to 64GB of four-channel DDR-2 FB DIMMs. Another great feature is that HP added internal USB ports, so that common USB dongles are inside and out of sight where they belong. There’s much more beyond these features, that can’t fit in this brief review, so I highly suggest you go to www.hp.com for the complete system technical specifications and options.

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