Built for environments where space is at a premium, the Dell Precision T5500 Workstation delivers dual-socket workstation performance in a compact, quiet package. Dell Precision T5500 Workstation on rental and sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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Incredibly fast and efficient despite its size, the Dell Precision T5500 features dual-socket Inte® Xeon® architecture with Intel® QuickPath technology (in which each processor core features an integrated memory controller and high-speed interconnects), as well as support for up to 72GB of DDR3 Registered ECC memory.

For even more stunning levels of performance, the optional NVIDIA® Tesla™ C2075 GPU card can be added, creating your own “personal supercomputer” for CUDA-enabled applications.


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For Rental or Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore & Kochi.


Offering two PCIe x16 slots as well as ample power for its range of supported graphics cards, the Dell Precision T5500 works quickly to bring your complex design, animation, imaging or engineering projects to life.

Enjoy peak performance from the latest in workstation-class graphics cards: The T5500 can be equipped with your choice of professional graphics options from ATI® and NVIDIA®.


Intel® Xeon® 5600 processors with up to six-cores


32 GB 1333 MHz and 1066MHz DDR3 ECC DIMM memory


500 GB 7200RPM hard disk


NVIDIA Quadro® 4000



The DELL PRECISION T5500 is the ideal workstation for giving top of the line performance in a small footprint ideal for engineers and developers working in closely collaborative environments and with performance hungry applications. The dell t5500 review is a dual socket workstation equipped with two 64-bit Intel Xeon 5500 or 5600 sequence quad or six core processors, up to 96GB DDR3 1333MHz memory, up to two internal SATA, SAS or Solid State Drives, up to two optical drives, and two x16 PCIe slots with support for a wide array of high performance video cards for CAD, 3D rendering, modeling and other demanding applications. With 11 total USB ports (three internal), one each PCI and PCI-X and two PCIe slots, the Precision T5500 has loads of expandability. Support for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux shows flexibility and versatility to run just about any ISV application necessary.

The T5500 could accommodate a pair of 6-core Intel Xeon X5500 series processors (24 cores with HyperThreading, 16MB cache in all), up to 72GB of DDR3 ECC memory (thanks to nine memory slots) as well as an Nvidia Tesla C1060 GPU to create what Dell calls, your own personal supercomputer.

Take its cover off and this workstation surprises by how easy it is to access the components most likely to fail (i.e. the hard disk drives).

Dell says that the computer can stay in Turbo Mode over an extended period because of its “advanced thermal engineering and efficient processor heat sinks”.

What’s more, clever organisation of the motherboard (which helps cooling critical parts of the casing), efficient 88-per cent, 875W power supply units (that produce less heat) combined with an energy-efficient chassis mean that the T5500 is uncannily quiet.

The rest of the spec sheet reads as follows. An Intel 5520 chipset, an integrated SATA host controller an integrated Broadcom 5754 GbE controller and an optical drive. Expansion capabilities and connectivity extend to five bays, six various PCI slots (a pair of which (PCI Express x16) can support Gen 2 cards up to 150W each, an assortment of 11 USB 2.0, serial, parallel, eSATA and PS2 ports.

The dell precision t5500 manual was eventually replaced and the latest iteration of that popular workstation is the T5610, with a radically different design.

Powerful Performance
An ideal combination of price and performance, the dual-socket Dell Precision T5500 is designed to provide productivity and scalability gains well beyond the range of standard business desktop systems.

The Dell T5500 features the latest generation of Intel Xeon architecture for fast, energy-efficient performance on a variety of dual-socket workstation applications.
The Dell T5500 Workstation supports up to 24GB of system memory (including both DDR3 ECC and non-ECC memory), allowing for superior levels of application performance and data manipulation.

Superior Graphics
Offering two PCIe x16 slots as well as ample power for its supported graphics cards, the Dell Precision T5500 works quickly to bring your design, animation, imaging or engineering projects to life.

Enjoy peak performance from high-end graphics cards: The T5500 can be equipped with a range of workstation-class graphics options from ATI and NVIDIA.  The DELL PRECISION T5500 WORKSTATION offers tested graphics drivers to help ensure superb performance with excellent reliability.

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