Power through resource-intensive tasks with the advanced design of the Dell Precision T3600 Workstation. Dell Precision T3600 Workstation on Rental and Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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DELL PRECISION T3600 Workstation

Take charge of your workload with powerful 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors and up to 64GB of memory, up to four hard drives and an integrated SATA/SAS controller. The Dell Precision T3600 features a totally redesigned chassis, enabling you to perform service and modifications with greater ease than ever before. Your most important Workstation-class applications will run smoothly thanks to ISV certification available with the Dell Precision T3600.


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For Rental or Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore & Kochi.


Handling workstation graphics processing duties is the NVIDIA Quadro 4000, essentially the third-fastest workstation GPU NVIDIA offers. It’s interesting to note that their top three are all basically die-harvested GF100 parts, but they also have substantially lower peak wattage than desktop-class Fermi cards do. The Quadro 4000 is particularly interesting because it’s a GF100 with basically half of its CUDA cores disabled, leaving it with just 256 CUDA cores at its disposal. Its memory bus has also been reduced to 256-bit from 384-bit, and all of its clocks are comparatively low: 475MHz base clock, 950MHz on the CUDA cores, and the 2GB of GDDR5 runs at just 2.8GHz.


Intel Xeon E5-2667
(6×2.9GHz + HTT, Turbo to 3.5GHz, 32nm, 15MB L3, 130W)


4x2GB Hynix ECC DDR3-1333 (max 4x16GB)


2x Samsung HD256GM 256GB 10K-RPM SAS HDDs in RAID


NVIDIA Quadro 4000
(256 CUDA cores, 475MHz/950MHz/2.8GHz core/shaders/memory, 256-bit memory bus)


Dell Precision T3600 Workstation

Design and Features

The dell precision t3600 review is in a full-sized tower, with some new-school flourishes. It has a perforated front and back panel for good airflow through the chassis and over heat-producing components. The front face is a vertical bi-level, with an aluminum handle to help in moving the system around. There’s another handle in the back for pulling the system under a desk from the other side. That’s the main design philosophy of the dell precision t3600 drivers chassis: It’s designed for the IT pro that needs to service it. All the levers and touch points that move are marked with the same cornflower blue color, and they’re all tool-less, so you can pop PCIe cards or hard drives in and out of the chassis in seconds, not minutes.

The extra room gives myriad expansion possibilities, since you can add four more memory DIMMs, a 5 1/4-inch optical drive, another 3.5-inch hard drive, PCI card, and five more PCIe cards (one PCIe2 x1, one PCIe2 x4, one PCIe3 x8, and one PCIe3 x16). The PCIe x4 and x8 card slots are physically PCIe x16 long, but are wired for the lower bandwidth listed. A nice touch is that the card slots are marked both on the legend stuck to the chassis door and on the motherboard itself, so you can make sure you’re plugging a PCIe3 x8 (25W) card in the correct slot. The dell precision t3600 power supply drive bays listed above are pre-wired, so you won’t have to waste time finding and stringing power cables through the chassis. The memory slots are under ducts that protect the memory for the heat from the CPU and GPU, but they are easy to pop off after you remove the optical drive bay (a two second process).

The back and front I/O ports are excellent, with three USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port on the front panel. The back has three more USB 2.0 ports, three USB 3.0 ports, serial, audio, Ethernet, PS/2 mouse and keyboard (to accommodate a favorite old keyboard/mouse), DVI and two DisplayPorts. It’s worth noting that the USB ports are all colored black, so you’ll have to look for the USB-SS logos to locate the USB 3.0 ports.

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