Control varied data’s deluge you manage and stay future-prepared with the Dell EMC Storage SC7020. The SC7020 includes more potential and greater freedom together in one method to simplify lower and management prices. Defeat diverse storage challenges with all the flexible, potent future-ready SC7020. Dell EMC Storage SC7020 on Rental and Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

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Conquer storage challenges now and in the future with the SC7020

Control the deluge of diverse data you manage and stay future-ready with the Dell EMC Storage SC7020. The SC7020 combines more capacity and greater flexibility together in one system to simplify management and lower costs. The SC7020 offers flexible features that can help you achieve:

Scalable IOPs with block data
Over 10:1 capacity savings with intelligent deduplication and compression
Over 60 percent reduction in rack space required
Optimized performance at an affordable price
SC7020 supports multiple protocols — Fibre Channel and iSCSI – and is easily managed with Dell EMC Storage Manager (DSM).


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For Rental or Sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore & Kochi.


The SC7020 offers a complete suite of advanced features to meet a variety of workloads. Automated intelligence of Data Progression optimizes drive tiers and RAID levels, while Live Volume maintains seamless business continuity through auto-failover between arrays.


Dual 2.5GHz 8-core Intel® Xeon® processors per controller


256GB per SC7020 array (128GB per controller)


30 x 2.5” drive bays
3PB Raw, more in federated systems


2 hot-swappable 1485W power supplies; 1485W maximum power


Robust SAN with feature-rich software

The SC7020 offers a complete suite of advanced features to meet a variety of workloads. Automated intelligence of Data Progression optimizes drive tiers and RAID levels, while Live Volume maintains seamless business continuity through auto-failover between arrays. Features include:

Federated data control with Live Migrate
Guaranteed performance with QoS, application by application
Data protection with Data Instant Replay and Remote Instant Replay
Dynamic Capacity, which separates storage allocation from utilization, optimizing capacity
Unified management of block and file storage and cross-platform replication between SC and PS Series
VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) support, iSCSI Datacenter Bridging (DCB)

Flexibility and efficiency

Consolidate multiple types of workloads into a single array, and achieve agile performance and a rapid return on investment. The SC7020 lowers the cost per terabyte, for all array types, including hybrid or all flash options, and uses your current architecture.

Expand with your business: Grow when and how your business dictates with seamless scalability up to 500 drives.

Future-proofed data: Supports various array options: flash, hybrid, multi-protocol connectivity support, data protection, ProSupport Powered by Copilot Services and Dell EMC Deployment Services.

Optimized resources: Seamlessly manages your storage with a single pane of glass across the federated family of SC and PS Series.

Managing complex storage tasks like live volume, encryption, replication and capacity planning in a federated environment can be challenging obstacles to overcome. Dell Storage Manager (DSM) simplifies administration with an intuitive interface that automates the most common storage tasks. DSM enables day-today management of SC Series, PS Series arrays from a single interface and delivers centralized management of local and remote environments and tight integration with leading technology providers. With DSM you can streamline administration and reduce operating costs with advanced features like volume-level QoS, VVOLs support and departmental “charge-back” reporting, allowing instant visibility and control of a multi-petabyte, multilocation environment. DSM offers cross-platform replication capabilities between PS Series, SC Series and FS8600 arrays for seamless management. Configure and verify remote replication processes, monitor storage capacity and drive utilization in real-time. Take advantage of intelligent deduplication and compression with capacity savings of over 10:1.2 Achieve seamless business continuity with Live Volume auto-failover between arrays and generate comprehensive storage usage and performance reports — all from a single pane of glass.


The SC7020 is a 3U package, which includes 2 controllers and 30 x 2.5″ drives in a single chassis.  In this way, it is arranged sort of like a fat SC4020.  You’ll notice that unlike the SC9000 or SC8000, which are based on the Dell R730/R720 rack mount servers, the SC7020 doesn’t resemble any existing Dell servers. dell sc7020 spec sheet

The SC7020 has 3 slots for expansion modules, as you can see in the graphic below.  You can mix and match what goes into those modules, with these options:

  • 4 port 16Gb FC
  • 4 port 8Gb FC
  • 2 port 10Gb iSCSI – Copper/Optical/Base-T
  • 4 port 12Gb SAS

sc7020 deployment guide there is also a 4 port mezzanine NIC, which must be selected, and you can choose from RJ-45 or SFP+ there.  With this mezz card, the system already has a plenty of IP connectivity. Unlike the SC4020, the dell sc7020 spec does not require you to put drives into those 30 drives bays.  You can solely use external drive shelves if you like, which is the approach on the SC8000 and SC9000.  Not filling the internal drive bays makes some future operations easier, such as controller swaps/upgrades.  Also a good idea in situations where you are replacing an SC8000 with the SC7020 and swinging your existing disks behind the SC7020.  If you DO put drives directly into the controller enclosure, as I suspect most customers will, you need a minimum of 7 spinning drives, or 4 SSDs in there.


The sc7020 dell requires SCOS version 7.x, which we talked about here.  This was a big release with a lot of great features in it, including Dedupe, Quality of Service, and more.  SCOS 7.x will be available on all current platforms, though some features may not apply to some platforms.

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