The 26-interface D-Link DES-1026G unmanaged switch was created to match the wants of the very demanding workgroup and departmental connectivity demands. A dependable, simple-to-use switch with no intricacy of direction, the DES-1026G supplies (24) 10/100 BASE-TX interfaces plus (2) 10/100/1000BASE-TX interfaces.

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This all-in-one solution economically integrates gigabit technology, helping to remove server bottlenecks and speed up access to the network backbone. The d-link des-1026g gigabit switch combines ease of use with unsurpassed performance resulting in an exceptional value for any cost-conscious network administrator who wants the best possible solution at the best possible price.

The D-LINK DES-1026G switch features 24 ports of 10/100 Mbit / s and can be used to connect to a small workgroup. These ports support auto-negotiation speeds 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T auto-sensing mode and the full and half-duplex.


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All ports support flow control method of “back pressure” and IEEE 802.3x. These functions allow you to avoid packet loss buffer overflow port of the receiving device.

All ports support auto-polarity MDI / MDIX cable. This eliminates the need for crossover cables or uplink ports. To any port can be connected to a server, a router or a switch, using the usual straight-through twisted-pair cable.


10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1000Mbps




Internal 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz


24 10/100 Mbps ports


Increased Productivity

The d-link des-1026g configuration comes with 24 10/100 Mbps ports, allowing a small workgroup to flexibly integrate to Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. These intelligent ports detect the network speed and auto-negotiate between 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T, as well as between full and half-duplex, letting you focus on work-day productivity rather than connectivity issues.

Instantly Upgrade to Gigabit Speeds

D-LINK DES-1026G Two Copper/SFP Gigabit combo ports support auto-sensing and full/half-duplex autonegotiation, keeping you up to date with the latest technologies in switch connectivity. Additionally, all ports support flow control, which minimizes dropped packets by sending out collision signals when the port’s receiving buffer is full, ensuring reliable connectivity.

Plug and Play

All ports support auto-negotiation of MDI/MDIX cross over, which eliminates the need for cross over cables or uplink ports. Any port can simply plug to a workstation, a server, a hub or a switch using the usual straight-through twisted-pair cable, saving you time and money. With 26 plug-and-play ports, the switch is a perfect choice for workgroups to upgrade performance in a client/server environment. The ports can be connected to workstations and servers in fullduplex, or hubs in half-duplex.

Switching Technology

Switching is a cost-effective way of increasing the total network capacity available to users on a LAN. If an Ethernet network begins to display symptoms of congestion, low throughput, slow response times, and high rates of collision, installing a switch to an network can preserve much or all of the existing network’s cabling and workstation interface card infrastructure while still greatly enhancing the throughput for users. A switch is a viable solution even if demanding applications, such as multimedia production and video conferencing, are on the horizon. The most promising techniques, as well as the best return on investment, could well consist of installing the right mixture of Ethernet switches.

A switch increases capacity and decreases network loading by dividing a local area network into different LAN segments. Dividing a LAN into multiple segments is one of the most common ways of increasing available bandwidth. If segmented correctly, most network traffic will remain within a single segment, enjoying the full-line speed bandwidth of that segment. Switches provide full-line speed and dedicated bandwidth for all connections. This is in contrast to the hubs, which use the traditional shared networking topology, where the connected nodes contend for the same network bandwidth. When two switching nodes are communicating, they are connected with a dedicated channel between them, so there is no contention for network bandwidth with other nodes.

As a result, the D-LINK DES-1026G switch reduces considerably the likelihood of traffic congestion For Fast Ethernet networks, a switch is an effective way of eliminating the problem of chaining hubs beyond the “two-repeater limit.” A switch can be used to split parts of the network into different collision domains, making it possible to expand your Fast Ethernet network beyond the 205-meter network diameter limit for 100BASE-TX networks. Switches supporting both traditional 10Mbps Ethernet and 100Mbps Fast Ethernet are also ideal for bridging between existing 10Mbps networks and new 100Mbps networks.des 1026g datasheet

Switching LAN technology is a marked improvement over the previous generation of network hubs and bridges, which were characterized by higher latencies. Routers have also been used to segment local area networks, but the cost of a router, the setup and maintenance required make routers relatively impractical. Today switches are an ideal solution to most kinds of local area network congestion problems.

Features and Benefits
 (24) 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet ports + (2) 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ports
 Auto MDI/MDI-X support on each port
 Full/half duplex transfer mode for 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet transmission
 Full duplex transfer mode for Gigabit Ethernet transmission
 Wire-speed reception and transmission
 Store-and-Forward switching method
 Integrated address Look-Up Engine, supports 8K MAC addresses
 Supports 512K bytes RAM for data buffering
 Extensive front-panel diagnostic LEDs
 Broadcast storm protection
 IEEE 802.3x flow control for full-duplex
 Back pressure flow control for half-duplex
 Standard 19” Rack-mount size

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