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Workstation Rental and Workstation Buy

Workstation Rental and Workstation Buy

Workstation Rental or Workstation Buy

Everything You Need To Know About Workstation rental, Workstation Brands, And Workstation Sale.

Workstation rental is a welcome option for users who want to explore. It gives an opportunity to experience first hand how things work at the ground level. A chance to check if you have the right server for your work or pleasure. So avail this choice to try hands on various available servers before you zero down to the one.

Rentals score high in many areas such as less burden on your pocket. You are secured against financial loss in case it does not work out. No worry about service as personnel is available for help.

What is Workstation?

A Workstation is single user computer designed with leading graphics capability. It is equipped with huge storage and a powerful microprocessor to deliver high-performance. PC can be called all in one pcs which is not true in case of tower workstations.

2in1 laptops are a PC that has features of both tablets and laptops. Let’s have a look at the branded workstations, supported software to make it easier for you to decide to select the one to meet your requirement.

Looking for Workstation rental or Sale?

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Difference between Workstation and PC

Compared to the Personal computer and mid-range computer, Workstation is more capable than PC or business laptops but less than a mid-range computer. The question arises how are Workstation and Personal Computer different from each other.

How to come to a conclusion about which one is the best? Have a look at the table below for the differences between the two.

Professionals who are on the move find mobile workstations convenient for their work.

Workstation Vs. Thin Clients

A workstation is a typical computer with its operating system, and software residing on its hard drive. It works independently, or they can be attached to the server.

A thin client does not have hard drive or software. It has a basic operating system and has to connect to the server to perform operations. They do not work independently.

Workstation expertise in the industry
The workstation has evolved and adapted to different needs in the Industry.  The workstations have moved from traditional architectural designs, media entertainment to Virtual Reality, Virtualization, and Remote Access to Deep Learning. Workstations have become an ideal choice for optimization of tasks and efficiency in public sector organizations and scientific institutes.
Role of Workstations in the Education sector
K12 Education is the known name in Online Education program. The learning implemented to students in classroom workstations has grown to a big industry now.

The supported softwares are:

  • Dassault Systems SolidWorks: The Dassault Systems SolidWorks 3D software tools help CAD professionals to simulate publish and manage their data.
  • Autodesk Inventor: The Inventor professional 3D CAD software consists of easy to use tools. You can design, document and do product simulation. These tools help in the prototyping of products, validating them before the products go into
  • Autodesk AutoCAD: The Autodesk AutoCAD consists of specially designed toolsets suitable for industrial purposes. It offers good mobility and convenient to mobile and web apps.
  • Dassault Systemes CATIA: Multi-form software CATIA for CAD, CAM, and It has provision to remodel existing 3D designs and create and update product designs and deliverables.
  • Siemens NX: Leading edge technology NX’s  CAD software solution increases the momentum of design. The software helps in improving the quality and productivity as well as reduces the cost.
  • PTC Creo: Creo is a group of apps developed by PTC which supports product design for manufacturers.  Creo has a unique set of capabilities for a user role in product development cycle.

The Workstations are extensively used to perform following functions

3D Computer Graphics Three-dimensional computer graphics uses a geometric representation of data. It performs and calculates and displays the image. The graphics can be viewed at all angles and stored in real time. Video editing Professional Video editing is altering and arranging the shot videos in the desired pattern. It is used to present video information in case of films, television shows, and advertisements. VFX workstations are ideal for intensive CAD, simulation, and computing, video effects, and editing Application performance Application performance is a metric. There are two sets of application performance which are measured. The first one is the actual performance as the user experiences with the application such as response time during normal or peak loads. The second one being the computational resources consumed during the running of the application. The metrics give an indicator of what amount of resources consumed and how is much is free to continue further.

Professional applications & Professional GPUs

Professional applications

Workstations have modified themselves to suit different professional needs. They have adapted themselves to specialized configurations, accelerating the simulation workflows; multi-threaded rendering and the list go on. The workstation’s aspects in its best use are listed

  1. 3D Studio Max
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud
  3. ANSYS
  5. ARNOLD SolidAngle
  6. AUTOCAD Autodesk
  7. CATIA Dassault Systemes
  11. INVENTOR Autodesk
  14. LUMION
  15. MAYA
  18. RECAP
  20. REVIT

Professional GPUs

The professional GPU’s on the market today are from NVIDIA and AMD. The metrics which are needed for the GPU to perform its best are:

The higher the clock speed and more cores mean faster the GPU. The remote graphics software allows remote workstation sharing, teams to access 2D-3D graphics applications from anywhere.
  • Engine clock speed
  • core count
  • onboard VRAM
  • memory bandwidth
  • memory clock
  • price
NVIDIA Quadro ® has set itself as the industry standard for graphics in the enterprise. Right now, NVIDIA Quadro is Virtual Data Center Workstation software.
GPU’s are of two types. Discrete and Integrated graphics cards. Integrated graphics has gained popularity in recent years as being powerful.

Unparalleled multi-threaded rendering

The multi-threaded rendering involves two threads. One is advanced and other is rendering thread. The advance thread is the one who runs the show. It makes sure the inputs are in order. Render thread ensures that the supporting elements for the input are in order. For example: In case of a movie, advance thread handles the instance of the movie and issues commands to the render thread as and when required. The render thread has to render graphics to the screen by giving commands to the graphics device.

Multi-threaded applications

Multithreading feature in processor allows the CPU to work on the same problem at the same time. The multithreading works only when CPU speed is the limiting factor and not the network bandwidth and memory disk. Examples:

  1. Apache web server is a good example. Every time a request arrives a thread gets assigned from the thread pool. Anything that handles incoming requests from clients is where multithreading works.
  2. Mobile games like Angry birds use multithreaded process

Content creation workflows

A set of tasks set on a priority basis of number to accomplish the main event is a workflow. A set of tasks listed until the completion of the project. It lists out the content requirement, sources taken into consideration, Assigning of tasks, reviews, approvals and the final delivery.

In few words, it can be summed as chunking a big task to smaller tasks and assign responsibility to qualified personnel.

Creation of workflows allows you to track the ongoing work with set deadlines.

Workstation brands

The prominent workstation brands today are HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Let’s try to know what exactly makes each of these brands unique and what is the difference amongst them also the popular workstation models of each brand.

Now coming to the question of which is the best amongst three? But the word ‘BEST’ here is a relative term which varies with your need. The answer to the question will help you to conclude. To make it much easier let us have a look at the differences regarding cost, use, and durability of each brand.

  • The Dell laptops are cheaper and start from as less as $300 and can go up to $2000. The Dell cost is less as specialized vendors at their business store sell laptops.
  • They have a standard look but available in all colors so that it can appeal to younger as well as the older generation
  • It has a huge range of variety to choose. At regular intervals, they have promotional offers for desktop deals, pc deals, laptop deals, monitor deals, and accessory deals. The offers will include free memory upgrade or low price memory upgrade also.
  • Dell is little large compared to other two brands, and they are sturdy enough to withstand the fall
  • Dell excels in areas of customer service and warranty

In few words, you can term Dell as durable, reliable and flexible.

  • The HP laptops cost more than Dell and Lenovo
  • HP has a sleek look with a sophisticated finish and available only in limited colors
  • HP has lot more features compared to Dell; it is suitable as entertainment-centric laptops
  • Compared to Dell, HP has limited range to offer

The HP is for sophisticated looks and unique features

  • The Lenovo laptop ranges from $200 to $1200
  • The Lenovo scores hands down when it comes to its looks and light in weight
  • They are reliable, but customer service is not fast

Lenovo scores are high on its looks, light weight, reliability, and features. It is also among the best graphics workstations computer.

Has it now become easier to decide amongst the brand?


So let’s have a look at the top models of Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

Dell T7910

The DellT7910 a tower workstation is supreme in performance and security in 2U form factor. It is designed to simulate workflows without interruptions. The Dell T7910 is VR ready (Virtual reality ready), expandable and termed as high-end workstation.

  • The Dell T7910 has dual Intel and Xeon processors with dual socket option. It is well equipped to run demanding applications which include enormous computation, simulation, rendering, and analysis. With Intel® Xeon®E5-2600 v4 processor series heavy computation workloads seem like a cakewalk for users.
  • With latest NVIDIA Quadro and AMD FirePro with 675W of power proves more graphics memory to run huge data sets. The option to expand the system memory to 1TB4 with latest 2400MHz DDR4 ECC technology is a big plus point.
  • The Dell T7910 has an integrated 12 GB/s RAID Controller, with twice the I/O speed compared to earlier workstations. There is the choice of selection between the actively cooled Dell Precision Ultra-Speed Drive Duo and Quad PCleNVMe SSD storage which can speed up the storage of content by four times compared to SATA (Serial ATA) SSD storage.
  • The Dell T7910 supports following the operating Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit) BIOS, Red Hat Linux 7.0, Ubuntu (12.04, 14.04) to name just a few.

Dell T7610

The Dell T7610 is the world’s most powerful workstation right for demanding work.

  • It has dual high-performance Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2 options with up to 24 cores
  • It can handle huge data with ease due to 512 GB of 1866 MHz ECC memory. A 16 DIMM slot give the option for easy upgrades
  • The graphics option NVIDIA, Quadro and AMD FirePro is apt for 3D graphics. It can support multiple graphics cards up to 3 of them. It can consist of one or two NVIDIA Tesla GPU compute cards for speed acceleration for engineering and scientific applications
  • Dell T7610 is expandable with accessibility in front space. Intel CAS-W storage option accelerates the performance compared to SSD storage solution at low cost
  • Tool-less access and clutter free workstation has well-organized interior
  • Intel® vPro technology enables ‘Update once and update everywhere’ option for remote BIOS management and hard drive wipe
  • The reliable memory technology (RMT) enables the workstation can handle maximum data load. With ECC memory for detection and isolation of memory, there is a reduction of memory errors.
  • ISV certification is an assurance for the buyers for the performance and reliability of the Workstation

Dell T3610

The Dell T3610 is a Mid-range workstation with the right balance of performance and scalability. It is the workstation for creating and editing of architectural drawings and complex engineering designs.

  • Equipped with Intel® Xeon® processor E5-1600 v2 product family, you can be assured to complete the hard tasks at ease
  • With 128GB4 of quad channel 1866MHz ECC or 1600MHz non-ECC memory via eight total DIMM slots Dell T3610 can handle huge datasets
  • You have a choice of GPU amongst AMD FirePro or NVIDIA Quadro graphics
  • The option is provided in the form of 3PCle slots to prepare for next-generation graphics
  • Micron® P320h PCIe SSD drive is optional. If used it delivers superb read throughput, along with exceptional reliability and remarkable power efficiency

HP Z220

The HP Z220 is an affordable workstation. It is available at desktop PC price.

  • It is smaller in size. So you can save the space
  • Have an option to avail professional performance with an expandable It has 7 I/O slots and six storage bays.
  • There is a reduction in the energy consumption increasing With 22nm processors consisting of Intel Xeon processor E3-1200v2 along with 3rd generation Intel core processors
  • Graphics cards NVIDIA, AMD and Intel ensure for excellent graphics display

HP Z420

Expansion of power and multiple displays are attributes to look for in HP Z420.

  • The workstation is accessible without any tools
  • A single processor, highest performance ideal as a personal workstation
  • It offers a choice of Intel® Xeon® E5-1600 and E5-2600 series processors along with base clock frequencies of up to 3.6GHz and the new Intel® C602 chipset. It supports up to 8 cores of processing power it never slows down.
  • There is no compromise in graphics as it incorporates AMD and NVIDIA professional graphics cards

HP Z820

If the need is the pinnacle of performance HP Z820 is the workstation to fit the tag.

  • With Thunderbolt technology, data moves faster than before
  • High-performance is the norm due to storage up to 15 TB
  • Impressive in both interior and exterior design
  • Multi-tasking feels like a cakewalk

Can experience powerful visuals with PCI Gen 3 graphics from AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards

The Top 2 Lenovo Workstations

Lenovo D20

The Lenovo ThinkStation D20 is apt when you are designing of utmost importance such as weapons systems or a Hollywood movie costing hundreds of dollars.  The D20 is also a precision workstation which happens to be very fast.

  • The ThinkStation D20 is synonymous with high-performance. With two Intel® Xeon processors, you are no doubt about its performance because of its turbo capabilities
  • RAM of 12 GB along with 2GB Nvidia and Quadro 4000 graphics card ThinkStation D20 is capable of accomplishing any task
  • The expansion is a great advantage in ThinkStation D20. It is ideal for engineering/scientific/ movie making professionals

Lenovo D30

The Lenovo ThinkStation D30 delivers reliability and extreme performance suitable for professionals in CAD, CAE, CAM, 3D digital content creation (DCC), Pharma/Biotech Research and Oil and Gas. It has exceptional expandability and configuration reliability.

  • The ThinkStation D30 has multiple processors. That is two 8-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors. Right now in the workstation market ThinkStation, D30 is considered to be the most powerful workstation
  • The option to expand RAM from 16GB to 512GB. It is flexible for reconfiguration for increased performance
  • The ThinkStation D30 supports graphics technologies from NVIDIA, Tesla, and Quadro. It can accommodate up to 2 NVIDIA Quadro 6000 adapters to enhance the clarity of the display

So here is the difference between the brands and top models of each brand. Compare product listed above to suit your requirement. So call Rental-India to help you procure for workstation rental or purchase.

At Rental-India, you have a choice to experiment with different brands before concluding. You can rent for short durations and check in real time how it can be utilized to meet your expectations. So take this opportunity to try and then choose the right one either for rent or purchase.

Rental-India, one of the best workstation rental has all the mentioned above, workstations and servers at your disposal in Indian metros. We do sell server accessories too. We cater to individuals, enterprises and also startups that have the local government for backing.

You can hire workstations for rent in Bangalore or from workstation rentals in Chennai. As we have our outlets in Mumbai and Pune, you can hire workstation on rent in Mumbai or Pune too.

What are you waiting for, pick the phone and call 8754542653/8971423090 for further details. That’s not all. In case you have purchased the workstation, go ahead and complete product registration.

The registration includes the details of purchase date, Quadro Serial number, Workstation number, GE serial number and receipt details. The product registration will complete details of the workstation facilitating the vendor to address the query easily and fastly.


Email us to get a quote or support.

Feel free to give us a call anytime.

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Server Rental or Buy a Server which works better for you?

Server Rental or Buy a Server which works better for you?

Server Rental or Buy a Server which works better for you? “Read before you act”

Server rental Vs Server Buying
What would be the right choice Server Rental or Server Buy?
We are all aware of the changes happening in laptops and phones as they are visible and we use it. Behind the screens, the hardware is also evolving drastically and changing its ways and matching pace with their counterparts and quite known software.

Rent or Buy a Server which works better for you?

Server rental or Buying Server

We are all aware of the changes happening in laptops and phones as they are visible and we use it. Behind the screens, the hardware is also evolving drastically and changing its ways and matching pace with their counterparts and quite known software.

Remember in good old days when we saw the computers and the restricted areas of server rooms which were physically located near to the computer labs.
Now with times, we have a choice of picking the kind of server, where we want it and how we want and also whether to buy or rent it out.

Spoilt by so many choices, aren’t we?

For this article iam skipping data center, dedicated server or game servers. Today let’s have a look at which option would be better for you is it buying or renting? A big question, so shall we have a look at the key points which needs to be considered before concluding.

How much are you planning to invest in servers?
The answer to this question would put you in a position to take a call on what you need to go for. The key here is to understand the purpose of your business. In case you are planning for a startup and staff comprising of few people and tight on the budget then renting works better as it eases you from the significant investment.
server rental comes with the option to change and upgrade as per your need. If your staff size is increasing and so is the bandwidth can land you with substantial renting cost every month. In this case, you can go for buying a server apt for your business.

If the servers for rent, there is no worry at all. You do not have to know in and out of server meaning technical knowledge or regular maintenance required as it is all taken care of so you have to focus on your business. This, in turn, saves your time and energy.

Scalability and Reliability
Rental servers score more in this area. As the server renters have dedicated teams on disaster recovery and backup servers to ensure the smooth running of your business. This, in turn, saves your working time.

In case the server is bought you need to be ready to handle things on your own. In fact, if it is a company and needs arises to have personnel with technical know-how at hand. If it is a personal server, there are chances of the server going down where internet or electricity is not stable.

The rental servers dedicated server are entirely liable, and the rental companies ensure they are up and running all the time and there is no breakdown.
In case the servers are bought, the technical personnel has to be handy to fix it when it breaks down. In case it is a personal server, it means a lot of work.


CAPEX/OPEX in case of Server rental or Buying Servers!

CAPEX or Capital Expenditure is the expenses of the company and OpEx is the operational expense of the Company.

In case you have choosen servers for rent which is considered an operational expense or OpEx which goes on for the duration. Here Cash flow improves though it will reduce your earnings. This will not be reflected as depreciation in company’s balance sheets.

When you are buying a server, it results in
•   Cash outflow
•   Increase in number of Assets
• Depreciation gets applied and is added to your Profit/Loss statements

The financial status of the company decides its future course, so it becomes essential to analyse and take a call accordingly.

How can the companies enjoy the technology upgrade?

With evolving technology, companies need to be in sync with the upgrades as and when the versions are released to the market. With rental servers in case of any hardware upgrades.

• The companies are not at risk about any damage caused to their business due to upgrade
• The companies can choose if they need to go for the upgrade by paying the additional charges
• If the upgrade is not possible, they can replace the servers too
• The cost to the company is quite less

If it is a local server and you need to go for the upgrade to next version of the hardware, the price is quite high, and it is going to drill a hole in the cash outflow balance sheet.
The companies now have a choice which they did not have before of renting/buying servers based on their financial status, of course, considering CAPEX and OpEx terms too.

Well, let’s go this way. Computers were designed to make man’s job easy. So now we have experts in every field who are offering best services remotely thanks to connectivity. So why not take advantage of this and reduce the burden?

Seizing the opportunity and Invest time, knowledge and money in the field of your choice would reap you better results. So outsource to the experts in the respective area who could serve you better. The benefits are numerous, reduction in space consumption, no worry about depreciation of assets, close shop at any time without worrying about the disposal, gives you the opportunity to focus on the field of expertise which cannot be valued at all.


Information about types of Server

DELL SERVERS, HP-HPE SERVERS, LENOVO SERVERS, IBM SERVERS, CISCO SERVERS, sun servers or oracle servers and Super micro Servers.

The Most common servers are dells poweredge, HP Proliant & Ibm Power Servers. These are enterprise servers with the best of web security available in the market. Blade Servers and Tower servers are the other types of the server which are used for high computation, graphics works and can be deployed at any data centers.

All these Servers can be custom configured, with your choice of the operating system loaded and utilised as file servers, vps hosting, database server, dedicated server, hosting server.


Server rental or buying of Servers which would be feasible?

Software professionals have experienced in firsthand the evolving life of computers both in terms of hardware and software. From box type computers to server rooms too thin laptops and now a choice of having to select the servers on need.

Renting/Server rental

Initial Investment is Nil
Maintenance is by Vendors
Vendors take care of any kind of mishaps that might arise and ensure smooth operations at any time
The rent paid is reflected in OpEx
 No reflection in CAPEX
Technology Upgrade

·         The companies are not at risk about any damage caused to their business due to upgrade

·         The companies can choose if they need to go for the upgrade by paying the additional charges

·         If the upgrade is not possible they can replace the servers too

·         The cost to the company is quite less


This cost reflects in OPEX


Heavy Investment is needed
Maintenance is a must. It includes personnel, hardware, and infrastructure maintenance.
The dedicated team needs to be handy to handle mishaps
Investment done for purchase reflects in CAPEX
Following are reflected in CAPEX

·         Cash Outflow

·         Increase in Assets

·         Depreciation of assets

Technology Upgrade

·         Any change in configuration risks money, time and also any possible damage that might occur due to upgrades or on replacement of servers

·         The cost to the company is quite high

 This again reflects in CAPEX

Want to Rent Servers?

Rental India is the right choice!

With the range of opportunities, Rental India has established itself to be one of the major fundamental players in a very short span. Rental India offers an exemplary selection of the latest hardware in the market.

Based on the kind of business, we at Rental India help you to take a call on the apt server needed.
We also support deployment of dedicated server on a data center.
The servers available with us are:

In short span of time, we have created a niche for ourselves and growing fast to gain a firm foothold in the industry. Our services in server rental and selling servers speak louder than words as our customers come back to us due to
• Supply only the best hardware in the market from leading vendors
• Optimum price
• Fast and Secure Delivery
• Value for Money
• Technical Support available

‘Service at its best’ has been the motto of Rental India while providing fast, secure and reliable service to our customers. Irrespective of a single server for a short duration or multiple for long we assure you to match your needs with our service.

Why is Renting Servers beneficial?
Renting opens up a wide range of benefits. Let’s have a look at what they are:

• Try, before investing:
With leasing, you get to test the servers of required configuration. It also is a wise option when investment is massive. On complete satisfaction and you are convinced you can go ahead for purchase.

• Need extra servers for upgrades, migration, virtualization or relocation, Whatever the need be irrespective of the duration you will find the right ones for your work

• Monetary Compliance
In Company balance sheets, rental amounts are reflected under OpEx and not in CAPEX. Hence it does not occur in depreciation either does it affect the cash flow

• Short-term Projects
For short-term projects, renting works out better concerning finance, space and personal investment

• For Maintenance, testing, upgrades and disaster recovery
With changing business needs of maintenance, testing, upgrade, or for recovery of data you can hire the servers as required.

We offer our service in the following locations:
server rentals in bangalore, chennai, hyderabad, mumbai, pune, coimbatore, & Kerala.
Delhi, Noida Soon


Email us to get a quote or support.

Feel free to give us a call anytime.

8754542653 / 8971423090


We’re standing by to answer your questions.


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